About Teletubbies

A purple character with a round beige face is holding a red purse in front of him. There is a green field in the background.

Tinky Winky

Tinky Winky is purple, the biggest Teletubby and almost always goes first!

He is gentle, soft, and a dreamer. He can be a little indecisive but is also very thoughtful.

His signature move is putting his arms out to the side (for “T”) and then upwards, with bent elbows, for “W”.

Tinky Winky’s favourite thing is the red bag, which he carries over his elbow.

Most of all, he loves big hugs!


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A light green character with a beige face is standing in a green park wearing a black and white hat.


Dipsy is green, fun, loves dancing and bouncing on his bottom!

He is funky and groovy, always doing dance moves with his arms.

His signature move is an excited wiggle dance and he sometimes ends this by plonking himself onto his bottom.

Dipsy’s favourite thing is the black and white hat – he loves to strike a pose in it.

Dipsy loves big hugs!


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A happy yellow character with a beige face is standing in front of a green hill and a blue sky.


Bright yellow, the performer – she loves to sing and dance!

Laa-Laa is a bundle of good fun energy. She loves laughing, singing and dancing.

Her signature move is a light-footed twirl.

Laa-Laa’s favourite thing is the orange ball – she loves bouncing, patting and boinging it.

Laa-Laa loves big hugs!


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A red character with a round, beige face is wearing a red helmet and waving. There is a green field and a blue sky in the background.


Cute, red and little – who flies on her scooter!

Po’s signature moves are a karate-style hand pose and a star jump.

Her favourite thing is going superfast on the scooter!

When Po stands, she has her arms behind her back and sticks her tummy out. She is wide eyed about all that is around her.

Best of all, she loves big hugs!


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A cylinder shaped, orange and pink character with big white eyes and long, black nose.


A much loved companion of the Teletubbies, the Noo-noo is fantastic at cleaning up!

There’s nothing the Noo-noo likes more than snuffling up globs of custard.

The Noo-noo likes to keep the Dome clean, so shakes its nozzle knowingly, when the Teletubbies are having messy fun with Tubby Custard or Tubby Toast.

Noo-noo doesn’t only clean up the Teletubbies mess and sometimes has lots of fun, hoovering up silly things like: Tinky Winky’s bag, then having the Teletubbies chase Noo-noo around!


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A bunch of cute characters, in various colours sitting on a green floor and playing with toys.


The Tiddlytubbies are eight smaller Teletubbies! They live with the Teletubbies in their own special part of the Home Dome.

The Teletubbies are always excited when a voice trumpet announces “Time for Tiddlytubbies” and the Tiddlytubbies crawl into their own playroom. The Teletubbies rush to the Tiddlytubbies’ gate to see them – and sometimes open the gate and step inside the playroom to take part in “Tiddlytubbies’ Playtime” or stay very quiet and watch the Tiddlytubbies fall asleep on their musical roundy-round bed for “Tiddlytubbies Sleepybyes”.

Like the Teletubbies, the Tiddlytubbies have their own individual colours and characters.

A cute green character with a round, beige face is sitting on an orange object as if it were riding a horse.

Daa Daa

Daa Daa is a vibrant green colour and is always on the move.

He loves revving back and forth extremely quickly on the Tiddlynoo and saying “Daa-Daa” – a lot!


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A happy blue character, with a round, beige face, is sitting on a green floor surrounded by colourful toys.


Baa is a deep blue colour and is always in a different place to the other Tiddlytubbies.

He loves popping up unexpectedly shouting “Baa!” much to the others’ surprise!

Always hugging himself and giggling, Baa loves the slide and the baby bouncer.


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A light purple character, with a round beige face, is sitting on a green floor playing a musical instrument.


Violet-coloured Ping is a bit on the noisy side.

She loves clapping and banging on a colourful wooden xylophone while repeatedly singing, “Ping”!


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An orange character, with a roung, beige face, is sitting down on a green floor in front of a pink ball.


Giggly RuRu is orange and loves to pull himself along on his tummy and then pull up into sitting.

RuRu rubs his tummy a lot and absolutely loves the swingball. The trouble is it’s always knocking him over!


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A purple character and a red character, sitting on the floor next to each other holding hands.

Nin and Duggle Dee

Purple Nin and Red Duggle Dee are best friends.

The two are inseparable – always holding hands and playing with balls.


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A turquoise blue character, with a round beige face, is sitting on a green floor waving it's arms in excitement.


Sky blue Mi-Mi is the leader and the others look up to her as she speed crawls off to her chosen destination.

Mi-Mi loves to bounce on her bottom, clapping excitedly and shouting Mi-Mi!


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A yellow character, with a round beige face is sitting on a green floor and pointing to something.

Umby Pumby

Yellow Umby Pumby is cute, sleepy and yawns a lot.

She is always cuddling her beloved Teddy Bear and sucking her thumb.


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A uniquely shaped yellow car with eyes, red wheels and red hollow windows in the middle of a green field and a blue sky in the background.

Tubby Car

The Tubby Car is a four seater vehicle – with four steering wheels too – which magically takes the Teletubbies on trips around Teletubbyland!

In order to start the car, the Teletubbies must honk their horns twice in unison.

When travelling the Teletubbies sing the Tubby Car song.


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A pink and orange rectangular object with blue eyes, red mouth and yellow flowers on it.

Tubby Custard Ride

A fantastically fun way to make Tubby Custard – it can get very messy!

The Tubby Custard Ride is a fun and crazy new experience for the Teletubbies. The larger-than-life Teletubby ride is inspired by the traditional funfair Spinning Teacup.
It has lights, music and spinning chairs, but also features big pink bubbles of Tubby Custard which splat messily when they burst!

When the Narrator or Voice Trumpets announce that it’s time for Tubby Custard, the Teletubbies form a line behind the Tubby Custard Ride. Next, a big pink custardy bubble emerges from the funnel of the custard machine and the ride begins!

Music plays, lights flash and the ride chugs and moves around the Dome. Safely seat belted into their chairs, the Teletubbies giggle and spin as their seats follow the trail of the Custard Machine. By the end, the Tubby Custard Ride is full of yummy pink Tubby Custard.

A light green character, with a round being face, is standing in front of a board with four colourful squares and pointing to it.

The Tubby Phones

Brand new, the Tubby Phone is a smart phone with a touch screen and a typical ring which can be heard by the Teletubbies even when they’re playing outside.

When it rings, the Tubby Phone vibrates and its screen flashes with the Teletubbies’ colours, with one colour predominately flashing each time. This results in an exciting race and game for the Teletubbies to see if the right Teletubby answers at the right time! Once the Tubby Phone is answered, the chosen Teletubby awaits instruction and then leads the others in a merry, musical dance!

A bright sun, with a baby's face on it, shining down on a green field.

The Sun Baby

After beating hundreds of hopefuls, 18-month old baby Berry from London plays the part of the new Sun Baby and takes over the role made famous by Jess Smith, in the original series. The much loved and iconic face in the sun forms an integral part of the children’s engagement with the show, featuring in every episode.

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