Teletubbies Playground Pals (App)


Turn screen time into healthy time for you and your child! Playing along with your favourite Teletubbies, these games are designed to get the whole family off the sofa and back outside for healthy, imaginative, physical fun.

Our games are proven to work! The results of a study published in the Journal of Child Health Care has shown that Biba gameplay gets children’s heart rates 42% higher than a session of traditional playground fun. This is because our designs are based on a methodology used by the World Health Organisation to measure childhood fitness outcomes. That means that every play session gives your child’s body the best kind of workout; one that involves their imagination.

The Teletubbies playground games include:

Pretty Flowers- In Teletubbyland, your child will need to use their green thumbs to help Laa-Laa find and nurture the magical plants in Teletubbyland

Hide and Seek- Just like the playground classic, but with a lovely Teletubbies twist. Parents and children work together to find Po. Once found, they snap a photo that can be decorated with a variety of Teletubbies stickers!

Tiddlytubbies Playtime- Uh-Oh! The Tiddlytubbies are nowhere to be seen! Can you help return them to the playroom for their sleepybyes?

Favorite Things- Journey throughout a board-game like version of Teletubbyland to help find all of the Teletubbies’ favourite things!

Custard Chaos- Two children can play together to fill the Custard Ride to full capacity… and full fun!

Let’s Pretend- It’s make believe time with the Teletubbies! Parents can be a little silly when they play this game.

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